Craigslist Auto Poster

Automatic Posting Tool for the Automotive Industry


The Craigslist Auto Poster is one of the most comprehensive tools available for posting vehicles to Craigslist

Features of our software include:

  • Post to Multiple Cities
  • Import Your Inventory
  • Randomized Templates
  • Runs in the Background
  • Automatic CAPTCHA Solutions
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Craigslist Ghosting Prevention
  • Little to No Flagging
  • Re-Posts Entire Inventory on a Cycle
  • Updates to Stay on the Cutting Edge
  • Set Your Prices or Leave Them Blank
  • Automatic Phone Verification
  • Coming Soon: BackPage and Kijiji Posting
  • Many More Features at your Fingertips
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Post to as Many Cities as You Want

With the Craigslist AutoPoster, you can choose the cities you want to post to, and when you would like to post and we do the rest. Based on your inventory size, the number of cities and the amount of time spent each day posting, we will continually post ads until we have posted every vehicle in every city. Then, we delete the old ads as we re-post new ones. It won't stop until you tell it that your car has been sold!

Randomized Templates

We have several templates that are designed to maximize the looks of your ad while minimizing the risk of being flagged or ghosted. The Craigslist Auto Poster not only chooses a random template for each post, it randomizes several key items within each template in order to ensure that no 2 posts are ever the same!

Import Your Inventory

Cars, Trucks, RVs, Motorcycles, ATVs, you name it! Our friendly staff will work with dealers on a case by case basis to analyze and evaluate the best options for importing your inventory into our system. Obviously the best solution is to take advantage of our DMS software as well, but we realize some dealers don't want the hassle and headaches of conversion. We will work with almost any system that you have to ensure that your Craigslist Auto Poster is simple, easy and as Hands-Free as possible!

Continuous Updates

With 30 years combined experience, our programming staff works hard to stay one step ahead of the competition (and Craigslist). So, periodic updates will be available with new features and new ways to ensure that your ads reach their destinations without being flagged or ghosted. Feel free to let us know what you think will improve your experience with our Craigslist AutoPoster.

Free Leads

As an extra perk, your inventory will post on and all of our existing partners’ websites!
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